have you ever just assumed that a word was pronounced a certain way and you end up pronouncing it incorrectly throughout your entire life and then one day someone corrects you and its like you can almost hear satan laughing as the flames of hell begin to seep up from underground and slowly burn you to death

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23) What’s your favourite and least favourite part of making characters?

My favourite part is… getting to know them, I guess. Like, for me, it happens anywhere. Sometimes I can be on the bus and I have an ‘aha!’ moment about them, or I ask lots of questions about them to myself and I unravel the character that way. That part is always fun.

The part that I don’t enjoy is trying orchestrate a story out of them. Sometimes it just feels much more natural to let them run around and do what they want but then there isn’t any story and it all just feels lacking. So although it’s difficult, figuring out motivations and the like is worth it and important!

24) What’s your favourite and least favourite part of plotting?

My favourite part is when after lots of hard work, it all starts to make sense. My least favourite part is the hard work before that bit, ha ha!

27) Which is your favourite genre to write?

I really enjoy writing fantasy/sci-fi kind of stories… because they can be in this world but entirely out of it at the same time.

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1) When did you first start writing?

When I was about thirteen, I got my first music player. If I’m honest, I didn’t know you could write for a living at that point and if anybody had asked me, ‘How do you think books are written?’ I wouldn’t have known how to answer. So because I didn’t think about writing things down, I used to just sit somewhere in the house with my music player on and imagine stories in my head. I’d always remember where I left off too so I could go back to it before sleeping and whatever. Then not long after that, I finally realised that we had a word processor on the family computer and I wrote everything into that instead…!

8) What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?

I think at University, I got some really awesome, helpful feedback. Most notably though, my final-year project teacher told me I’d submitted work ‘at a publishable standard’ and that just made me really happy all day…!

15) What would you say has inspired you the most?

Mostly people, and probably a dissatisfaction with my own, very normal, boring and average life, ha ha! I’d rather spend hours in the worlds I’ve made up than this one to be honest…! It is nice though to be able to come back to the people and places I love, for sure. So I’m not saying I’d want to trade places with any of my characters or anything…!

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29) Which do you find easiest: writing or editing?

Definitely editing. I find it very hard to put my inner editor to sleep when I’m trying to draft. It just results in me going back to change things before I’m even finished. One day, when I have enough time (and money!) I’ll probably lock myself in a room with nothing but a notebook and pen and just go at it. Until then, I’m gonna keep writing everyday to see if I ever beat that part of me…!

33) Are you interested in having your work published?

You know, that seems like such a faraway dream of mine. One day I’d really love to share my stories with other people; even if just one other person picked it up and connected with it in some way, that’d mean a lot. It’d be nice to share that with someone else, but right now, I think that goal is a bit beyond my ability.

40) Which is your favourite original character, and why?

Gah! This is seriously so hard! I try not to pick favourites but it’s undoubtedly Deo, from States of Being. I really can’t explain why I have such a fondness for him, but it might be because I’ve been developing his character now for a lot of years and he’s from one of my longest WIPs. I guess I’m just really used to him! He’s familiar and really fun to write because he’s nothing like me and those are my favourite kind of characters to work with.

✍ Finally, an ask-meme for writers! ✍

01: When did you first start writing?
02: What was your favorite book growing up?
03: Are you an avid reader?
04: Have you ever thrown a book across the room?
05: Did you take writing courses in school/college?
06: Have you read any writing-advice books?
07: Have you ever been part of a critique group?
08: What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?
09: What’s the worst piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?
10: What’s your biggest writer pet-peeve?
11: What’s your favorite book cover?
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13: What’s your favorite writing quote?
14: What’s your favorite writing blog? c;
15: What would you say has inspired you the most?
16: How do you feel about movies based on books?
17: Would you like your books to be turned into TV shows, movies, video games, or none?
18: How do you feel about love triangles?
19: Do you prefer writing on a computer or longhand?
20: What’s your favorite writing program?
21: Do you outline?
22: Do you start with characters or plot?
23: What’s your favorite & least favorite part of making characters?
24: What’s your favorite & least favorite part of plotting?
25: What advice would you give to young writers?
26: Which do you enjoy reading the most: physical, ebook, or both?
27: Which is your favorite genre to write?
28: Which do you find hardest: the beginning, the middle, or the end?
29: Which do you find easiest: writing or editing?
30: Have you ever written fan-fiction?
31: Have you ever been published?
32: How do you feel about friends and close relatives reading your work?
33: Are you interested in having your work published?
34: Describe your writing space.
35: What’s your favorite time of day for writing?
36: Do you listen to music when you write?
37: What’s your oldest WIP?
38: What’s your current WIP?
39: What’s the weirdest story idea you’ve ever had?
40: Which is your favorite original character, and why?
41: What do you do when characters don’t follow the outline?
42: Do you enjoy making your characters suffer?
43: Have you ever killed a main character?
44: What’s the weirdest character concept you’ve ever come up with?
45: What’s your favorite character name?
46: Describe your perfect writing space.
47: If you could steal one character from another author and make then yours, who would it be and why?
48: If you could write the next book of any series, which one would it be, and what would you make the book about?
49: If you could write a collaboration with another author, who would it be and what would you write about?
50: If you could live in any fictional world, which would it be?

“I am a very private person, yet I am an open book.
If you don’t ask…I won’t tell.”

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Title: Empire of Angels
Artist: Thomas Bergersen
Played: 103 times


“You just spent 30 days writing around 1,600 words a day. It will be terrible. There will be places where you wrote [RETURN TO THIS SCENE AT A LATER DATE] or [SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENS FIGURE IT OUT AFTER CHRISTMAS]. That’s okay.”

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